About AFAP

Vision Statement:
A just world through community partnerships

Mission Statement:
To be a leading agent for poverty alleviation through effective and appropriate community-based development.

Operating Philosophy:
To achieve its goals, AFAP has adopted a set of values which guide the way the organization is managed and is to operate.

We believe that:
  • Our actions should be based on recognition of the essential dignity of every person
  • Our activities should evolve in response to the needs and interests of the peoples and communities of the nations in which we work
  • Our actions should enhance the wellbeing of the communities and environments in which we work and help these communities to help themselves
  • We should provide a challenging supportive and safe work environment in which people can improve their skills and knowledge
  • We should be truthful and honest in all of our dealings and always act in good conscience
  • We should be accountable to the individual constituencies’ partners in development, the people we strive to assist and our donors
  • Working in a spirit of collaboration is the most effective way to achieve common objectives
  • We should ensure professional competence, ethical practices and quality services in all our work
  • We should maximise the development impact of donor contributions
To find out more download our Strategic Framework (pdf)


Staff Australia

Christine MurphyChief Executive Officer
Christine Murphy
Christine Pollard Finance Director
Christine Pollard
Tiffiny Kellar Communications, Marketing & Fundraising Manager
Tiffiny Kellar
Manjita Gurung Administration and Office Manager
Manjita Gurung
Sem Mabuwa Africa Program Manager
Sem Mabuwa
Siobhan ClarkPacific Program Manager
Siobhan Clark
Asia Program Manager
Justin Alick
Finance Officer
Joanna Bednarska
South Asia Program Officer
Ragna Gilmour


John Rock Chairperson
John Rock
A/Prof. Dr. Jock Harkness Director
A/Prof. Dr. Jock Harkness
Dr Angeline Low Director
Dr Angeline Low
David A Brett Director
David A Brett
Denis Wolff Director
Denis Wolff
John Kell Board Member
John Kell

AFAP Viet Nam Staff

Ta Van Tuan Country Director
Ta Van Tuan
Program Manager
Nguyen Tat Quan
Senior Finance Officer
Do Ngoc Van
Senior Operations and Finance Officer
Nguyen Kim Hai
Thanik 2Inclusive Business Development Officer
Thanik Vadivelu
Pham Quang Hung Inclusive Business Program Officer
Pham Quang Hung
Technical Advisor
Tim Hurst
Anh Hải 2Admin Assistant
Quach Quang Hai
Finance and Admin Assistant
Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhan
Operations and Program Assistant
Nguyen Thao Huong
Logistics Officer
Tran Thi Hoa

AFAP’s Annual Report

At the close of each financial year we create an annual report to keep donors, members and other supporters apprised of our work. If you would like a hard copy of the report please contact us. All these publications are free and may be shared with collegues as long as no profit is gained from their distribution.

2014-2015 Annual Report [pdf] 2014-2015 Full Audited Financial Statements [pdf]

2013-2014 Annual Report [pdf] 2013-2014 Full Audited Financial Statements [pdf]

2012-2013 Annual Report [pdf]
2011-2012 Annual Report [pdf]
2010-2011 Annual Report [pdf]


Who We Work With

AFAP is dependent upon its many partners to help us take action on delivering effective aid to some of the world’s poorest people. AFAP is grateful for the continued confidence placed in us by the following key funding partners who have supported specific initiatives:

In Australia, numerous partners help us with fund-raising and our links with partners overseas who work with us to implement our aid programs. There are too many Australian and over-seas partners to list here, but AFAP values all their contributions.

Where We Work

South Asia

Solomon Islands
Timor Leste
Southeast Asia